Happy 5 Years Back 10 Cellars


Seventeen years ago Back 10 Cellars was nothing but a twinkle in our eyes, a big wish, a big dream.  We knew we were SMITTEN with the idea of owning our own winery, but we didn't know how we were going to make it happen. 

We would have to take THE BIG LEAP of faith and just jump in with everything we had, buy a defunct vineyard in Niagara and "go all in".  We would have to START FROM SCRATCH if we were going "to build a vineyard" ( read our book) . Yes, it would take BLOOD SWEAT and YEARS and it would be a big reach to attain this dream from nothing, to something.

THE BIG REACH Riesling would be our first wine release ( it took 10 years to make our first wine). It scored 93 points and garnered a Gold Award.  

We battled fire, goats, debt and doubt to build our vineyard and live our dream life.  Despite limited funds and even more limited knowledge of farming and agriculture. we put EVERYTHING AT STAKE, literally. 

We have always tried to see this journey through ROSE COLOURED GLASSES . On the hardest days, we remained achingly optomistic. There is hard work , laughter, tears and dediction in every bottle we make.

Back 10 Cellars is everything we wished for and more. HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY! to our dream, our winery, our vineyard and our chic little Tasting Bungalow. This has been such an adventure of love, wine and courage. Can't wait for the next five years!

Cheers to doing what you love! Always! 

Christina and Andew Brooks




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