Summer 2024 on the Back 10


I can't beleive we have another growing season and harvest under our belts.  It's May and the weather feels like mid summer.  We have welcomed all new staff aboard and are training to get ready for another busy Summer and Fall on the Back 10.

We are now also open 7 days a week as of May long weekend.  Walk in anytime 11:30-5:00   Aperitivo hour, open until 6:00 on Saturdays. 

Right now on weekends Summerhouse is bustling.  We have our lovely hand crafted Wines, Flight Experiences as well as our famous Smitten Cocktails and Smitten Floats.  We are serving a light noshing menu of Skewers and Meatball cups on a walk in basis on weekends in May and Summerhouse will be open 7 days as we progress through Summer.

We have just released our 2023 Rose Coloured Glasses Rosé,(summer in a glass) as well as our Smitten Pink new vintage (2023). We are thrilled with the outcome of both that are surely to sell out as quickly as the last vintage.

Tenfold Wine Club Memberships are going strong.  We have added some new wonderful benefits like parties (for you and freinds) and member pricing on wines and food.  We can't wait to have you on board. 

We are looking forward to seeing all of you on the vineyard soon! Until then ( as Andrew would say)..."keep drinking Back 10 Wines, we sure are proud of them"! Follow us on Instagram @back10cellars for daily/weekly updates.

Cheers! Christina & Andrew Brooks



Small lot Wines delivered from
our vineyard to your door.

  • Pre-releases and exclusive member only wines.
  • Weekday friendly wine pairings.
  • One member wine event per year.
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