Ten Fold Wine Club



We are so thrilled to be lauching our Ten Fold Wine Club this weekend. This summer marks our third year opening of our chic little "Tasting Bungalow" and we couldn't be more pleased!

Our biggest request you ask? , Wine Delivery, easier access to wines and how do people get wines shipped directly to their door from our Vineyard at Back 10.  With all this in mind, we launched two new programs . "Seasonal Sips" delivers a 6 pack of wine to your door quarterly and at Christmas a lovely bespoke case of Back 10 Wines is delivered just in time for the holidays.  "The Big Sip" is a quarterly shipment of a mixed case four times a year, including the bespoke Christmas case exclusive to Ten Fold members. Each of the wine club programs also includes an author signed copy of my book "To Build a Vineyard", a complimentary tasting for you and five of your friends and an annual vineyard gathering.  Delivery is included in Ontario. Have a look on the web site under "join our Wine Club" to get your shipments started. 

 We thank each and every one of you for your continued support.  Thank you for supporting our tiny little vineyard and our big dream.


Cheers to doing what you love!

Christina & Andrew Brooks




Small lot Wines delivered from
our vineyard to your door.

  • Pre-releases and exclusive member only wines.
  • Weekday friendly wine pairings.
  • One member wine event per year.
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