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A chance encounter with a small winery owner was all that it took to set Christina and Andrew Brooks on a quest that would take ten years, see them travel across the world and back to Niagara and push them to their limits as they worked to build a vineyard of their own.

Despite limited funds – and even more limited knowledge of farming and agriculture, the two determined twenty-somethings took the big leap and bought a “diamond in the rough,” a faded grande dame of a house and a derelict farm, smack in the middle of Beamsville, Niagara.

Andrew and Christina spent a decade battling fire, goats, debt and doubt in order to build their vineyard and live their dream.

It’s been a relentlessly rocky, but ultimately rewarding road that eventually lead to the creation of this tiny award-winning winery, Back 10 Cellars.

Drink our wines with passionate people. There is hard work, laughter, tears and dedication in every glass.

Cheers to doing what you love!

Andrew and Christina Brooks

Our Process


Blood Sweat and Years Photogrid

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