By Christina Brooks on
I can't believe we are already in the depths of Summer. Spring snuck up on us and it went from cold weather to hot without the in between. Spring seemed short and sweet and a little cold, the vines soaked up every bit of rain that they could and the chilly month resulted in late bud break.
By Christina Brooks on
When the snow starts to fly and the cold descends on wine country , green and lush vineyards are replaced with snowy graveyards with brown rows of fruitless sticks reaching for the sky,
By Christina Brooks on
It's been a very crazy week and it's so nice to sit down with a glass of wine and sign more of my books
By Christina Brooks on
We are so thrilled to be launching our Ten Fold Wine Club this weekend!


Small lot Wines delivered from
our vineyard to your door.

  • Pre-releases and exclusive member only wines.
  • Weekday friendly wine pairings.
  • One member wine event per year.
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